What are IFilters?

If you are using MSN Search Toolbar for desktop search, you need IFilters.  IFilters allow the indexer to read different file formats.  Without an appropriate IFilter, the file contents will not be indexed, and when you search for those contents, you won't find anything! 

The same IFilters also work with IIS (4.0) Index Server, SharePointSQL Server (full-text search) and Windows Indexing Service.  So, pretty much anywhere Microsoft dabbles in document management and search technologies, IFilters are useful.

Which IFilters are installed with the Toolbar Suite?

If you have installed MSN desktop search (MSN Search Toolbar), you already have IFilters for Microsoft Office files, Outlook and Outlook Express.  A complete list of IFilters installed with the toolbar suite is here.

Where do I get an IFilter for a particular file type?

IFilters are available for Adobe PDF, WordPerfect and many other popular file formats.  You just need to download and install them.

Click here for our list of links to IFilters you can download.

How can I find out what IFilters I already have installed?

Citeknet has an IFilter Explorer tool you can download.

Can I download an IFilter for a language other than English?

The IFilters are not language dependent - they will work with all languages.  But the indexing application is language dependent. Windows desktop search (MSN Search Toolbar) is available for many languages other than US English (International versions).

Will the IFilters work with Google Desktop Search?

IFilterShop has a Google Desktop Search plugin to allow IFilters to work with Google Desktop Search.